Future Scientist Kit



Looking for something to keep the kids entertained while they're not in school?

Our show bags have the perfect set of fun, at-home items for your little ones!

Our 'Future Scientist Kit' includes all of the tools you'll need to test their skill and precision in your at-home lab. Create activities using pipettes and colourful dyed water to imitate real-life lab experiments.

In the science kit you'll find:
4 x conical tubes
4 x squeezy pipettes
2 x kids culture plates
2 x sets of medical gloves
2 x beakers

In addition, your show bag includes:
1x bouncy ball, 1x set of headphones, 1x key ring, 1x pack of plasters, 1x pack of pencils, 1x pencil sharpener, 1x colouring book